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Happy 2010!
It's a new year. And I stayed up way too late. And have been thinking about things, new year's resolutions and all that. So one thing to do that was sitting on my mind was to go back through all the old posts and remove horrid spam comments. I actually was dreaming that somehow, woke up with it on my mind. So now all the horrid spammy comments are GONE. You can leave nice lovely NON spammy comments, if you like, though, those make me smile.

So my online time has been spent much more on non-blog stuff. Well, non Blog of Pootenheimer stuff. And it's been a learning experience. Quite. But it's been fun. And I'm still learning. And must get off to doing more pensive thought on what to do this new year. But I'm thinking doing a bit more fun blogging might be a good thing to do this year.

Speaking of fun blogging, I did find an interesting bit about a black hole that you may find curious.
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Seems like those real "spammy comments" proved you wrong.
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