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It's blog time!
Yeah, so I've been blog lazy lately. Lazy with my blog. Or rather, lazy withOUT my blog. I did miss it, though, so I had to come back. And to get started, here's a joke! In the Easter spirit. Sort of.

A minister wakes one Sunday morning to a bright sunny day. He decides
to play hooky for a day, and calls his Jr. Pastor to cover services
for him as he is very sick.

He then proceeds to get his golf bag and head for the links. The
course is beautiful, the sun is shining, and his game is great.

Up in heaven, St. Peter asks God, "Aren't you going to do something
about this?" God replies, "Wait and see."

As the round of golf continues, the minister is shooting the best game
of his life. On the 18th tee, the minister swings... God commands the
ball and it bounces off the water, out of a bunker, and right into the

St. Peter is incredulous. "Why are you REWARDING this man for shirking
his duty!? I don't understand?!"

God replies "Who's he going to be able to tell about it?"

Ha ha HA HA Ha ha ha. Ha. Yes. It's a funny.

I've been fairly delirious lately. And I still am! And it will get WORSE, I anticipate. Losing sleep does bad things to you. I still haven't gotten back to "normal". Oh, I'm getting up earlier. Physically. But my mind stays asleep. Until the afternoon. I need to get to sleep EARLIER. They even did a big spiel on CNN about it, how losing sleep is BAD for you. I AGREE. It's bad for ME, at least.

Ah, so. So what's been up with me? You might ask. But probably not really. But I will tell you, anyway! I was naughty, for one thing. And purchased a toy. And I think it turned out to be a good purchase. For you see, the toy I purchased: PSP. I didn't think they had any left. So I just asked, at Blockbuster, "How long are you going to be out of stock?" His reply, "Oh, we still have two in the back." My inner being (the id) jumped with anticipation. Some talking, a little here and there about the capabilities, the cost, the COOLNESS, and I was done. Done IN. I fell to the consumer trap, and got it. What's a PSP, you might ask? Might ask if you never watch the NEWS. It stands for PlayStation Portable. It's what a lot of people are calling Sony's newest version of the Walkman, as far as introducing new technologies. Yes, it plays games. BUT it also plays movies. And music. And pictures. And has wireless connectivity. And hooks up to the computer. Oh, it's quite cool. And you wouldn't think too much of it, even if you saw pictures, until you see it in person. After seeing it in person, I was fairly wowed. "Wow!" I said. I only got one game for it, called Lumines. It's a puzzle game, and it is good. And it's addictive. But yes, yes, check one out, but only if you're prepared to fall prey to the same allure it had for me.

And what else, eh? Well, I did have a good weekend. Got to have some sushi with Sandra, while she was in town. Mmm, sushi. Although she kept the leftovers. Hopefully they re-eat well. Not reHEAT, mind you. It's sushi. Yeah, and hung out with sihing Justin a bit, in some purely non-kung fu related fun. Mainly gaming, talking, that type of thing. Losing way too much sleep. And a little bit of time with friends I haven't seen in a while, to watch Ong-Bak! Which everyone should love. Because it's so good. And, last but definitely not least, going to a few Easter services. I went to one with my family for the husband of a friend of my sister's, who was getting confirmed. It was pretty nice. Calm, and had a very nice conversation time with kids, about what Easter was, and all that. Mind you, kids in the vicinity of 3. As in, 3 feet tall. Which makes it all utterly cute. And then I returned to Newman to play an instrument during services, which I had missed quite a bit. It was good to be back, and I'm thinking I may return.

What else? Well, I did make it on TV. Again. Yes, I seem to somehow manage to get myself televised regularly. Not intentionally, mind you. This time, it was kung fu related. We were just having a lovely class on Monday of last week, and some FOX guys come in with a camera. Apparently it's a spontaneous interview with Sifu. So they talk to him, they pull up one of the newer students to talk to him, then pull up his girlfriend (who'd never stepped inside the kwoon before that day), and then start filming us going through self-defense techniques. Sifu doing the techniques. Guess who the victim was? That's right. It was ME. So I got to be on television for a number of minutes, getting smacked around by Sifu. Fun times.

And kung fu lately has been good. I think my excitement for training after returning from Hong Kong has leaked (by osmosis, perhaps) into Sifu, because he's starting to push the students harder. Quite a bit harder. And he's going to start giving a class to train students for full-contact sparring. I believe I'll be in that class, as well as sihing, and any other poor souls who want to get pounded on. I don't think I'll actually get into tournaments with it, but I'll learn the techniques. You know, How To Kick Someone's Ass 101. Lovely lectures. I think more than learning how to hit, it'll be learning how to take a hit. Since we already train on plenty of harmful techniques, but never really try to hurt anyone. Until now. It will be fun!

And YES I have pictures. Ready, even. But I'll have to break them apart into separate days, I think. And I don't have them with me now, so it'll have to wait until either tonight or tomorrow to begin. Or maybe Friday. Time, time. It will go by. Patience is the only way to get there without going INSANE. I need a nap.

Okay. Random link! It's about that time, again. The time everyone dreads. Aside from Daylight Saving time. Ugh, I hate losing that hour. But for that OTHER time, sometime there are things that can help. I used it last year - it worked for me! Maybe it could work for you.
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A couple of things
For one, yeah, the whole not sleeping at night thing finally paid off. Paid off in a BAD WAY. I got sick, and lost my voice. Which isn't so good. But it really wasn't very sick (I went to the doctor), so it's not too bad, either. I did get a day off, where I finally caught up with some sleep, which I think I needed. And I got to go to the doctor, where he decided (which I had anticipated), it was just a mild throat infection with a slight sinus infection on top of it. So back to Amoxicillin it was for me, and trying to get further towards a proper sleep cycle.

I've still been going to kung fu, though, because exercise is GOOD for you. I had a few long talks with Sifu, about training in the old days, and stuff like that. Well, I'm thinking it got HIM thinking, because yesterday was a different type of class. Entirely. It was more traditional kung fu, which I haven't seen him push in probably a few years. And it made me smile. He picked out two independed moves from the first form (moves which he said most people don't do right), and spent pretty much all of class working on them. These are BASIC moves. With elementary stance work in them, so it was a lot of stance practice on top of practice for the hand movements. He would tell everyone to get into position by counting, "1!" Then he'd check, make sure everyone's stances were proper, and low enough, and then, "2!". Repeat. A LOT. The second part of the form was only two stances. Moving from a horse to a slightly different horse, then to a bow and arrow. By the end of it, people's legs were shaking, a decent amount of groaning could be heard, and more than one person collapsed in pain. Ooh, I loved it! I was helping a newer student learn basics, so I couldn't practice with the others. But I have been through it before, although it's been a while. There's just something about that type of practice - when everyone in the room is pushing hard just to stay standing, you can FEEL the effort and pain in the room. Especially when you hear the whines and groans to go along with it, there's just a tangible tension in the air. THAT is kung fu. For your information, kung fu actually translates, roughly, to "hard work". And yesterday, I think people actually got a good taste of it. It makes me want to push myself further during my practicing at home. And yes, I'm getting some strange new muscle definition. Mainly in the legs, but it's rather interesting. Be a few more weeks before I get to the point where my legs aren't hurting EVERY DAY. Maybe months.

And I FINALLY made space to copy my pictures over from the camera. I've been going through them, but I need to pick out a few and format them for web-friendly use. Understand, each of them are at least a meg in size. Some two. Plus the videos. That's not so web-friendly. But I'll probably go through and put some choice shots, along with a recanting of my adventure, a bit at a time. Very soon, I promise!

Pretty much all my time lately has been kung fu and work, although I'm thinking that I'm missing the guitar a little too much, so perhaps play this Sunday for the holiday. Yes, it is Easter this Sunday! If there ever was a holiday, this would be it. So I think that's good reason to pick up the guitar.

Anyway, I think tonight will be play time, to go out and see a movie. I haven't seen a movie outside my place in a while. Just kung fu movies, while I practice. For purely motivational purposes, of course. Speaking of which, there's one I got that Justin and I watched over the weekend that isn't kung fu but Muay Thai, but the guy in it is incredible. I highly recommend it - it's called Ong-Bak, and it is GOOD. I may have to loan it to Sifu. But the main character played by Tony Jaa (it's a pseudonymn, but it works) performs some seemingly superhuman acts. And there are no wires, no computer effects, no stuntmen. It's like a young Jackie Chan on CRACK. If you can find it, check it out. If you can't (which wouldn't be surprising), talk to me. Maybe I can arrange a viewing.

Okay, and that's enough for today. Random link? Okay, okay. Yeah, I'm still on my crazy kung fu kick, so it's going to bleed over into the random link today. A decent page on what proper training is, and comments on how people today use it (or don't).
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I'm still on Hong Kong time
And it sorta sucks. I get super sleepy right around lunch time. In fact, today I went home for lunch and sorta passed out after eating for a little bit. Just like I did Wednesday. Except this time I actually put my head upon a PILLOW instead of waking up to find it bent against the hard side of the couch. Which is much better.

Yeah, yesterday was kind of sucky for a variety of reasons. For one, the lack of sleep was starting to kick my butt, and in addition to that, issues at work. Mainly that a machine I use for some rather important things had disappeared. That's right. The monitor, mouse, keyboard, UPS, etc., were all there. The tower was gone. And nobody knew where it went. That's generally not a good thing. It did not help my mood. I found out later that one of the help desk guys took it to use as a backup machine for someone in a different building whose computer had stopped working. He brought it back, and at that point the hard drive started failing. This did not help my mood. I had some words with him and then worked on other stuff, and finally he puts it back after getting it back up to speed (needed to be re-seated, apparently). So I go to get a nice hamburger for lunch (at around 2:30), which I didn't have since I was gone, and I'm driving along, listening to some rather angry music (not completely intentionally). On the BA. And a very large truck is in the middle lane, I'm in the left lane AKA the FAST lane. So I'm scooting along, eager to get my burger, when someone enters the freeway (actually it's an expressway, but pish posh). He DOES put a signal on, moves into the center lane, but doesn't bother pausing, I guess convinced since he changed lanes once, he could change again WITHOUT LOOKING. So he cuts in front of me, squeezing out from behind the big rig, cutting in front of me by less than a foot (I had to brake). This did not help my mood. I lay on the horn and I guess he discovered a car was behind him at this point. It seemed to surprise him. So I wait for him to pull back to the center lane, which he does NOT do, even though I'm still right on his behind (trying to go the speed I WAS going), and of course, he brakes. Eh, I change, pass him, and then go to get my burger. Of course they get the order wrong, but I don't care too much anymore. I was too TIRED to care.

Yeah, that was yesterday. Today's been better. I tried getting to sleep earlier, but popped awake around one to hear some sort of craziness outside, which shouting and squealing tires. But it's slowly getting back to normal. Hopefully I won't have to have lunch naps next week.

Ah, so. My trip. To tell the truth, I have more pictures than I have free hard drive space, which is sad. (Naruto's been filling my gigs lately.) But I'm going to try to get it all on this weekend and put up some good shots for you to check out. It was an awesome trip. Hong Kong is almost like New York, although I've never actually been to New York. But I think they're very similar. Only much less crime, no littering, and somehow better drivers. Even though it's super packed all the time, they still manage to keep the flow going. It might help that not very many people have cars, and they use cabs, buses and double-decker buses (I got to ride one!), as well as the MTR AKA subway. The MTR was my favorite method of traveling. Get anywhere within twenty minutes. Walking, of course, was also done quite frequently. My dogs were barking! Where does that phrase come from, anyway?

And yeah, the main language is Cantonese, which is cool. Mandarin and English are the "official" languages of the city, so a lot of people have a bit of each of those, but really, if you don't speak Cantonese, you're out of luck in a lot of places. Thankfully we had a few people with us who DID speak Cantonese. There was a total of 25 people on our trip, with our group. Only four from Oklahoma, one from Chicago, sixteen from L.A., and four from Hawaii. Sigong had his wife, their daughter, HER husband, and THEIR two kids with them. So a bit of a family outing for them, I think. I got to know a lot of the students from his school in L.A. quite well, which was quite cool. I heard a lot of good stories, too. Made some friends, and I'll probably be heading up to Chicago sometime this year (maybe more than once), and hopefully to L.A. at least once, too. Spend a weekend at each place, get some extra training, all that. Something about meeting the big man in Hong Kong and hearing some of the background stories about Buck got me going. Or, as Sifu said, "lit a fire under my butt". That's right, my training's gotten a bit heftier. I think in a month I'll be severely improved. I just hope my pants still fit after all my new MUSCLES kick in.

Anyway, it's time for the weekend. Maybe spend some time with Sihing this weekend, a little bit of training, a little bit of fun. A lot of our students went up to Kansas City this weekend for a tournament. I'm still kind of tripped out (sorry for the pun), so I'm going to take the weekend to try to recover. Yes, yes. And more details about the trip and maybe some pictures sometime SOON.

For now... random link! Yes, it's been a while. So here you go. Just a simple one this time. Did you know they do kung fu at Harvard? Eh, but if their horse stance is like it seems to be, then with that level of training they're just a bunch of PANSIES.
I'm sorry you're sick, but I know you'll get better. And I'm sorry you're tired, but you'll bounce back from that, too. I have no doubt about that. And MORE muscles??? I don't know if I can handle that ;P -A
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Just flew back
And man, are my arms tired. No, seriously, they really are. My bags are HEAVY. With the stuff I brought back from the trip. Mainly for Sifu and the kwoon, since it WAS a kung fu trip. But yeah, I left yesterday at 1. Sort of. I've got it all figured out, I'll try to explain it. I left on Sunday at about 1, but crossed the international date line, so all of a sudden it was Sunday AGAIN, after the sun set. See, I was going east, against the rotation of the earth, so relative to the sun, I was going SUPER fast. Which means the "night" I experienced last night was only a couple of hours. Or something. I still slept a little on the (second) plane and the ten hour trip. But I just got back. And I'm thinking I should probably get some sleep. So I WILL. And in case anyone's wondering how the trip was... yeah. Freakin' AWESOME. 'Nuff said. Details later.

Have a good night! In Central time! Woo!
Hey, Eric, glad you're back safely! Can't wait to hear about the trip! Glad you had a blast.
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Chances are, I'm in China
That sounds like a weird sort of poem title. Or song name. But it's true! I'm leaving early, early in the morning, off to L.A., then off to China! Hong Kong, to be specific. If this is news to you, you don't read my blog very much. I'm all excited, scared, and anxious at the same time. I'll be there for a full week, although in reality, I'll only be there for about five full days. With the whole bit about traveling time and time zones. Actually, Hong Kong is ten hours AFTER central time zone. So that means I'm traveling into the FUTURE! When I get there, I'd be able to tell you how tomorrow's doing. "How's tomorrow?" you'd ask. "It's pretty cool, but a lot of people are speaking Cantonese," I'd inform you. But truthfully, I won't be able to know what tomorrow's like until I get there. Hopefully it will be COOL. I think it will be.

The other side of the world! It's my first ocean-crossing trip. I've been all over North America, but never across the Atlantic or the Pacific. It should be cool. And I really don't know what I'll be doing until I'm doing it. All I know is that I'll be spending a lot of time with Buck Sam Kong (Sifu's sifu, my Sigong), and I should be meeting with Lam Jo (Buck's sifu, my SiTaigong, or something like that). Not by myself, of course, but you know, get to actually see him in person. It's crazy. Maybe I'll even get pictures! You know I'll be taking a TON of pictures. I'll share them with you (some of them, not ALL) when I get back. It will be sweetness.

So yes, a week away. A real vacation. The last few days have been good, though. Last bits of kung fu class, some good training. I got to spar with one of the students who's decent at sparring to get some of my skills back. Although it's quite lax, at least my hand speed is. I was trying to just use pure hand techniques, and right now it seems like I keep staying too tense. So J.R. (the guy I sparred with) landed quite a few techniques on me. A few in the face, which probably isn't good. But it's okay. I felt him out, then started coming back at him a little stronger, and at the end just let loose. By letting loose I mean I kept going after him, not letting him rest. Which I'm surprised I was in shape to do, but apparently I am. And he wasn't quite in the same shape, because pretty soon after I did that, he pooped out. I think it was at the point where I slugged him nicely in the back of the head and he was too tired to even try blocking. Although my history of leaving nice marks on other people hasn't really changed. I swelled up his arm fairly nicely, left a few shin marks, and a spot above his left eyebrow. Plus the back of his head. I think most of them (except for the head) came from me blocking him, too. But I needed the practice. Maybe I'll learn some new SECRET techniques in China! Yeah, right. Maybe I'll learn something, though. And then I will train hard! And try to become decent at sparring. Because honestly, I suck compared to where I'd like to be. I need more PRACTICE. Maybe more horse stances, too.

Last night was a last bit of fun times, hung out with Courtney, time for a bad horror movie (Cube Zero) and followed up by a bit of Resident Evil 4. With caffeinated beverages, of course. It was fun stuff, though. Part of my standard life, which I WON'T be partaking in next week. So I had to get a little bit in first.

Oh! And something I think is noteworthy. I got my friend Sean hooked on Naruto! Yaay! It's so good. And now he knows what I'm saying when I say that. YOU, too, should check out Naruto. It's so good. Best if you start from the beginning, though, definitely.

Okay, I need to finish packing. Not too much left, but I need to have it done tonight, so I'm ready to head west in the morning. Something strange about going west to go into the East. Don't think too much about that, though, it may make your head asplode. Paradoxes and all that. Okay! Random link! Actually, a couple, since I won't be able to give you random links for a little while. So here's one! About someone who's conscience is at a level everyone should have. And a story! A story about a nice date. And of course, I need to include another kung fu link, which explains all the stuff about my branch of kung fu, known as Hung Gar or sometimes Hung Kuen. Ooh! An excellent screen saver! Which computer scientists will probably appreciate a bit more than other people, due to its nature. A different sort of song, by the Police. Just listen to it. And naturally, something just random. About Korn and an interesting announcement they made.
i wouldn't say the movie was just made me sleepy to the point the caffeinated beverages didn't even help lol.

oh, and thanks for trying to educate me on the fine points of professional wrestling.
Naruto has consumed my life this weekend. Dattebayo!

Oh and your "kung fu" link is the same as the one before it. (Not that you'll have a chance to fix it until you come back)
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Almost time
Almost time? Yes! Almost time. For me to go on my trip! For those who haven't been keeping up, yes, I'm going on a trip, a vacation, if you will. To where? To the other side of the world... Hong Kong! It shall be an adventure! I'm getting excited about it. I just hope I don't forget anything. Either to take there, or to bring back, or to check out while I'm there. Any suggestions for things that fit into any of these categories I am open to.

Ah! So! I haven't updated in a while. That last update was a big one, though, wasn't it? Woo-doggies! So what's happened since? Hmm. Saturday. Oh yeah! Saturday! How can I forget that? It began with kung fu, of course. The other Eric was leading class. So he took everyone though some exercises, that type of thing. And then it was time for sparring! I sparred with one of the few black belts in our school (Chris), who we haven't seen in a while. He went and opened up his own school, so he doesn't come around as much anymore. But yeah, we sparred. He throws a lot of crazy double punches, very extended, and he's really tall and lanky. He also gets kind of wild when he spars. Lots of round kicks, too. So my arms got a good conditioning from blocking all his kicks. We traded a few hits, so it was a good practice for me. Since I haven't sparred in MONTHS.

After that, it was time to spar with Eric! He's always talking schmack, wanting to get a piece of me. Well, he did. He got a couple of light hits, but nothing too bad. I blocked a snap kick with my elbow, and it left a nice mark on his foot. Hopefully it wasn't too damaged. And then I planted a nice kick. In his GROIN. I found out after that he hadn't brought his cup. So it put him on the ground for a while. (At least Chris let me know ahead of time HE hadn't worn one, so I avoided that with him.) After that, Sifu set us up to spar, ring-style. One on one, one match at a time. Best of five points, using point sparring rules. Which suck, but hey. And Eric was up first, against one of the newer students. He kept winning matches, so Sifu had him stay and spar the next person. Winner stays rules. Eric just happened to keep winning. And he had gone through pretty much everyone. Except for ME. So, of course, Sifu calls me up. Eric gets a look on his face that he's not too happy about that, since he's rather exhuasted from sparring everyone else. And we spar! He gets some good shots in, although they're the kind I don't like. No solid contact, purely the "I touched you and I get a point" rule. A good example was a high kick he landed, which I caught. So he gets the point, which Sifu counts, as I walk him around holding his leg. Ooh! If Sifu hadn't stopped it there, I think most people can imagine what would have followed. So it's back and forth, best of five points. He's up by a few, and then he moves towards me, steps on my foot. He said it wasn't intentional, but hey. I throw a kick, and since he's standing on my foot, my foot comes out of the pad and then hits him. A nice slapping sound from that one. I fix the pad back on, then we go again. He throws some high punches, I see an opening, and BAM! A solid roundhouse. It's all shin against his solar plexus, and he goes down. An extended groan of pain comes from him as he heads toward the ground. So Sifu comes over, sits him up, and tells him to breathe. Finally he gets his breath back, after a little bit of time. And it's four to four. Last point. It all happens fast! He throws a kick, I deflect it and turn his body so his back's to me, I rush towards him and he spins back around with a backfist. And he lands it! He manages the point, although it's very close. A pretty good match, but I'm not too proud to admit he got a good point there. I did make him work for it, though.

First time I've really sparred in a while, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I need to do that more often. Sadly, Sihing doesn't really spar anymore, since he's always working and is exhausted most of the time. He'd be the best to spar, for good practice. Oh well. Maybe when he's finished with school and has more time.

But Saturday night was open mic night at Newman, and I went over there with the trusty twelve-string. There were all sorts of talents on display! Two people did a guitar duo thing, after passing out lyrics to everyone to sing along (since they didn't really want to be heard too loudly) and did two songs. Pretty good stuff. One guy did two songs on the piano, also asking for people to sing along, although the second song was more of his own song, since no one knew the words. He did a good job. As well as that, he did a stand up act, which was both funny and not at all. His material was... lacking in some areas, but the way he handled it was actually pretty funny. Overall it was good, though. There were also a lot of games played, pulled from "Whose Line is it Anyway?". Some of those were really funny, had me almost crying. And there was me. I got up three times, did a couple of songs each time. Seems like a lot of people liked them okay. It was fun to do, though. They were all cover songs, I still don't have anything of my own that I'm completely confident to play in front of other people. YET. But one song I hadn't really done before turned out pretty well - Hear You Me, by Jimmy Eat World. A lot of people don't know the song, but it's a good one. Anyway, it was educational and fun. And hopefully some people liked what I had to offer, as much as the coolness that was displayed by everyone else.

I spent a bit of the weekend cleaning the apartment. I can hear it now, at least a few of you are eliciting gasps. But YES, I cleaned a bit. Got my hanging file cabinet folders set up, transferred my papers from the old small case (which was ready to burst) to the cabinet. Very productive. And Sunday was a nice lazy day, got some things done, then went to St. Bernard's to offer my skills as a musician there. I only knew one of the songs, never heard the others, but I still managed to learn them enough to play and sing with most of them. Some of them were cool! It's a little nervewracking, though, being one of three vocalists, all of which have microphones, in front of a couple hundred people. Especially when you don't really KNOW the songs. But I think it turned out okay. I got some compliments, and even a nice punch in the stomach from the pastor (who I've known for years, it wasn't a random assault sort of thing).

And James came by! It was a nice guys' night. We watched Payback. Probably one of my favorite movies to watch. There are favorite movies, quality wise, and then there are movies that are purely a joy to view. Payback is in the latter category. I think another good example of a movie that fits in the latter category and definitely NOT in the former would be Road House. Hmm... both of these movies are rather violent. Vicarious aggression, anyone? But yeah, it was definitely part of the guys' night. Paired up with Chinese food and Halo 2. Excellent!

This week has been mostly work. I seem to be getting loaded down with stuff a lot lately. Maybe partially because I'll be gone next week. Who knows. But I'm trying to keep up, do what I can. So far, it's been pretty good. But we'll see.

Oh, and last night was more kung fu. And after class, I FINALLY tested out of my last form. It was all good, except for one move I kept getting stuck on, when Sifu made me do the form solo (it's a sparring set). But I got past it! And now it's on to the next set, which is another weapon set. I'm thinking I'm going to do another staff set. It's a slightly different staff, because it's heavier on one end than the other. Called the Rat-Tail Staff. I don't think anyone else knows this set, so that'll be good to know. Then two more forms, and I'll finally have the black belt. Yaay!

Okay. Lunchtime's over, so I should get back to working my BUTT off. Indeed. So here's a random link! When I was young, I was fascinated by magic. I actually learned some tricks, and it was fun stuff. Deception, all that. Can be fun, but you should use the power for GOOD and not EVIL. I'll give you two links, both about one guy. He's rather incredible. And he's British! His name is Derren Brown, and he's good at what he does. If you have RealPlayer, you might be interested in seeing it in action.
No, you should use your power for AWESOME.
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