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Happy 2010!
It's a new year. And I stayed up way too late. And have been thinking about things, new year's resolutions and all that. So one thing to do that was sitting on my mind was to go back through all the old posts and remove horrid spam comments. I actually was dreaming that somehow, woke up with it on my mind. So now all the horrid spammy comments are GONE. You can leave nice lovely NON spammy comments, if you like, though, those make me smile.

So my online time has been spent much more on non-blog stuff. Well, non Blog of Pootenheimer stuff. And it's been a learning experience. Quite. But it's been fun. And I'm still learning. And must get off to doing more pensive thought on what to do this new year. But I'm thinking doing a bit more fun blogging might be a good thing to do this year.

Speaking of fun blogging, I did find an interesting bit about a black hole that you may find curious.
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Seems like those real "spammy comments" proved you wrong.
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What? Are you reading this?
Ha! So if you're reading this, I am IMPRESSED. Because I have not posted anything since February! That's silly, I know.

I've been heavily involved in this crazy thing called running a business. It's been taking all my time, pretty much. So the only real social networking I do is with friends on Facebook, a little Tweeting here and there, and then my company's blog. Which I should update more often. It's all about internet marketing and all that. I try to put good stuff in there, about all the relevant information I come across, but should do it more often.

So in my endeavors, one of the things I did was take a class from a guy called Perry Marshall. He's a cool guy, one of the best-known gurus for Google AdWords in the country. It's on my list of things to do to meet him someday. I did get to meet him on the phone, talk to him one-on-one. He's a good guy.

Anyway, I took his class, it wasn't exactly cheap (I went for the "Gold" package"). It was to cover all the bases on my gaps in my AdWords knowledge. And I did learn a bit, although I think I knew more than a few others in the class.

At the end of the class he had a competition. He asked anyone who wanted to enter to put info about the knowledge they had gained and how they were able to use it to improve their AdWords results. I was able to get some good results with a client of mine using Perry's info, so I entered. Turns out I won!

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, most of my friends (and sister) have an iPhone. I haven't caved yet, partly because of the cost (and the fact I have no spending money right now), partly because I didn't want to get the first release of the iPhone. But hey - the prize for being one of the 3 winners of Perry's competition was actually a shiny new iPhone 3Gs. So it works out! And it turns out this new model actually has a video camera built into it. Plus, being Apple and all, it of course can upload directly to YouTube.

Basically - I'm considering moving my blogging to more of a personal perspective video blog (vlog, I believe is the common term for it). I've already created a matching YouTube account (I snagged it just now, actually, mid-paragraph). I was just curious about anyone who MIGHT be reading this still - would that be a worthwhile adjustment? Could it be cool? Video is the online revolution, so perhaps it could be interesting. Just put vlog posts up when I see something video-worthy. Although my awesome random links won't fit in quite as well. But I COULD post them in the description next to my videos.

Let me know what you think!

And of course, I can't stop without putting a worthwhile random link here. I still find them, just haven't been sharing regularly. Naughty me! But this one might make up for some of my lacklusterness. It's a true story - it's all about a boy on a full mysterious adventure... an awesome one.
I got an iPhone last week; the hubby got sick of my Windows Mobile device crapping out on me and me stomping around swearing about it. So he and two others drug me in to do something about that.

I don't have the video one (I got the hand me down, which was fine with me as it does what I want), but my favorite thing is to take pictures of things to put on Twitter. It's actually freakishly cool. At first it feels dirty, like I'm one of "those people". After that, I adjust. I see a lot of neat things in my travels through Seattle, and one of the things I regretted was not being able to document it in a form other than just text. I wanted to share those things I talked about as pictures, and now I can. And it's really flippin' sweet, dude. It's snippets of life taken further. You could do the same with video.

So I say if you can, go for it. See if you can get a discount on hardware for a contract. It's still expensive, but it's cool. And the apps are neat. It's a nifty nerdy toy (and I say that as a very reluctant convert, so I think that holds *some* weight).

That aside: DO IT. You know you want to!
It was extremely interesting for me to read this blog. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read more soon.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.
I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. I’ve been experiencing this very same problem with a new WordPress installation of mine. I’ve spent weeks calibrating and getting it ready when all of a sudden… I cannot delete any content. It’s a workaround that, although isn’t perfect, does the trick so thanks! I really hope this problem gets solved properly asap.
amazing stuff thanx :)

How interesting. Seems that I'm getting a ton of comments from people who THINK their SEO is improving by making their silly comments. I will leave them up as they are all inane AND insane for thinking so.
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Some catching up
Yes, yes. I've not been blogging in MONTHS. Yes, a very long time. But blogs are good! I've been learning all about the perks of them. It's all part of my master plan. My master plan to work for MYSELF. Instead of The Man. It might just work.

All of the previous standard things are still in place. Yes, I still play guitar. Yes, I still do way too much kung fu. But I've taken my side business stuff and refocused it - it's now my main business. I had mentioned wanting to focus on my marketing - well, the business partner and I didn't really work out. I got some good experience, but that door is now closed. Now it's time to move forward in the direction I think I've been wanting to go for a long time, now.

I've got a basic site up, the company's together, I have a few employees - I've been busy. I need to redo the design on my web site, but for the most part it's functional. I've got a few pages set up for each of the areas of internet marketing I do, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and so forth. But the main focus of the site (and company) is internet marketing. So I do internet marketing full-time now. And I love it! (Yes, if you're checking the site out anytime soon after this post, it's still not PRETTY - I'm not a designer, I'm a coder. I'm having one of my designers fix that sometime soon.)

It's quite fun, I must admit. A combination computer science, business, and psychology. Overall it's a big puzzle, and I like puzzles. And it's more work than any of my other jobs have ever been, by far. But the difference is that this is work that I LIKE. The main cool part of it is that I can actually increase business for companies that use my services. I'm starting with local companies, smaller businesses. Having a jump in online traffic can do wonders for a business's profits. If they have a good site, it helps, too. But knowing that what I'm doing is helping someone else achieve their goals and dreams is the main reward that keeps me loving doing this work.

So yes, my blogging has become lax. Because I'm WORKING. Working all online, which is ironic, I realize. Meaning I really don't have a good excuse for not blogging. But hey. I'm working, here!

I'm still busy, so this won't be a crazy long post, but it's a little catching up. I'll have to come back and give more details later.

That doesn't mean I won't still do proper random linking. This is a link I had a friend send me. It's a series of videos with a grade-school level of explanation for why what we're doing to the Earth is BAD.
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Birthday post
Yes, it's my birthday. And yes, I'm OLD. It's not really anything particularly special. I don't grow or lose any specific appendages or body organs. But since we live using a decimal system, this particular celebration of my day of birth is notable. I am THIRTY. It's a little depressing, because I'm now seeing ads on Facebook about "Women Over 30". It was a good picture, I'll give you that. But still.

I know, I KNOW, I'm still relatively young, but it just makes me realize - life moves on whether you want it to or not. So I was thinking about things. Introspection, as I tend to do on a regular basis. Thinking about who I am, and who I want to be. Who do I want to be? I want to be a good person. That's pretty much it, the rest is just gravy. (Even though I don't like gravy, that means it's GOOD.) I'm looking at Americans in general, how they age. I have the good fortune of coming from parents who both look about ten years younger than they actually are. So yes, I look a bit younger than I actually am. Especially when I'm not wearing glasses or facial hair. Perhaps that's the reason I spontaneously decided to shave all mine off for the first time in years. It's weird. I still don't completely recognize myself in the mirror. But I've gotten complements, so I think I'm leaving it this way for a while.

That, and then doing some revisions on diet and exercise. Yes, I still do plenty of kung fu, but I'm thinking about going back to the Navy SEAL workout. I did it once before, and it put some serious muscle on me. It might be an interesting change to try out. The main thing I'd have to do is give up almost all soft drinks. Which would be a major change for me. I mean seriously - I'm a computer scientist. That's a given staple of our diet. That, and pizza, naturally. Giving up pizza and Pepsi will be very hard, but I think it might be worth a shot.

And the rest of things are on the work-related issues. Working for a living, doing things that I personally want to do. My business partner and I will be doing two projects, and then after that, it's time to focus on my marketing. I think if I put some full-time work into it, I can make at least enough to live off of. Perhaps more. We'll see how it goes, but I WILL need to motivate myself in a serious manner. I have the tools necessary - now it's just time to use them.

Anyway - it's time to get back to relaxing for my birthday, for the last few hours of the night (even though it's now technically no longer my birthday). So that means random link for you. Not too random - I did mention it before. But if you're interested in what I'll be doing to get in better shape, here you go.
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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Life moves on, sometimes quickly
So things are progressing. It's late, and I'm pensive, so this may be an interesting blog post.

I'm starting a new business with a rather new friend of mine. He recently broke up with his boyfriend (yes, that's correct) of 2 and a half years. Since he lived there, he didn't have another place to go. Since we're working together, it made some sense for the decision to be made to have him move in with me. I have two rooms I wasn't really using, anyway, and now I'm getting paid for the use of them, so that's a definite positive thing. Yes, new roommate, new business, things are CHANGING.

It seems like this is something that's happening to not just me, but several of my friends. There have been a variety of breakups and moving. I had my ex move out, the business partner move in. Another friend of mine moved into a house with her fiance, and now it seems that relationship has shattered and he's moving out. It's been rather stressful for her, because he's not handling it well. She's been hanging out with all of us, the group of friends who all seemed to mesh together at once (including the new roommate). And apparently has already found another guy within the group, but it seems like the two of them getting together was inevitable, if she was going to ever be single again. Which she is.

So YES. Chaos. That is life. And sometimes it can be good, sometimes it can be bad. As it is, now I'm still working through finishing up the move. This week has been filled with that, and determining how to manage finances until the first paychecks roll through.

Love life still mystifies me. I'm turning 30 at the end of the month (yes, I am OLD), and am single yet again. It makes me wonder if I'm being too picky. I did finally make contact with a crush I've had for four years. That's a very long story, but suffice it to say, it's also how I met a lot of my new friends. After much deliberation and introspection, I've decided it's not someone I should "hold out" for. It made me sad to come to that decision, because it was one of those dreams always sitting at the back of my head, the "what if". To see it fall is slightly depressing. I did learn (yet again) that it's dangerous to put someone on a pedestal. With almost no exceptions, people placed in such a precarious position cannot possibly hold up to all expectations. And yes, after getting to know this girl better, I did find some (in my opinion) flaws. It made me quite disappointed to find out what her limitations were, and what type of person she really was. I had hoped for more. That, and the fact that she had a shot at ME (who, in my opinion, was the epitome of a SPLENDID CATCH for her, in particular) and gave it up means all her marbles are not in the right place.

There is still soap opera developments to be potentially unraveled in the future, as we're set to take salsa lessons together (with some other friends), as well as go see Nine Inch Nails together, in concert. It might make things interesting. And if some of the facets of her personality that I found distasteful DO change, then there'd be a possibility for something in the future. But I'm not holding my breath. Just makes me mad I do find her so attractive, and I can't turn that OFF.

So yes - the business. You may be wondering what it is. If I were you, I know I would be wondering. What is it? Well, it's actually something I've been thinking about for years, but it was tricky to find a way in... game development. To do it for a major console is almost impossible with a small company. So we're starting small. iPhone gaming. We'll see how well it does, but I'll say this about the first app - it's pretty freakin' cool. It's addictive like crazy, which is good. And very basic, the idea is novel, I think it should do okay. Hopefully enough to pay some extra bills. When we release it, I'll post the details, but until then, it's SECRET. Nondisclosure, all that.

That's most of it. Kung fu continues, as always. I've recovered a bit. I've been thinking about the fact I've been doing it now for close to nine years. And the idea that a lot of 200+ pound guys get twitchy and nervous if I raise my arms around them in class makes me think my skills have gotten to a decent point. I have had several people ask me why I haven't entered in the full contact matches, and it's making me start to wonder about trying it. I'd have to change my diet and increase my exercise routine in a large way, but I think it could be interesting. Still considering it.

Anyway, that's enough for tonight, I think. I'll leave you with two vids I stumbled across that I actually was surprised at the quality of, primarily because it's from But they're good enough to pass on. One is a trailer to a potentially upcoming movie, and the other is how I think rap should be.
Happy birthday sir!

Incidentally, both those video links are absolutely fantastic.
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Changes happen all at once
I've said it before, but I think it's very true. When things in your life change, they have a tendency to change in several ways at once. That's happening for me, and I think it's still in progress.

Work is the one place that people spend their life. Eight hours a day (usually, or more), five days a week. That takes the majority of your life. It affects how you feel, who you are. I had quit my job at IBM, mainly because I didn't like the pressure with the work from having expectations to work on increasing levels of work without any extra compensation or assistance. And a large level of stress was lifted when I left. So I went to another company, a small company with only a few people. It seemed very good, doing work on machines that are top of the line, with all necessary software. I was put on a fairly large project. And the more I worked, the less exciting the job started seeming.

Anyway, changes. Yeah, I don't work there anymore. And I'm taking a risk by going into something completely independent. But I think it was only a matter of time before I got there. This might be it. I'll give details when I figure it out.

So the girlfriend is done. No more model girlfriend - although I will admit, I probably will NEVER AGAIN. Guys all (on some level) think it'd be awesome to date a model. But I think they might be a little overly dramatic for my tastes. And I'm still being nice to her, and I think we'll probably be friends on some level. I think I need people a little more grounded. Not someone who's eager to launch off to a new life every couple of months.

Been making new friends, hanging out with different people, and I think life's been changing for the better. I think it has potential to get even better - I can hope, at least.

That's some of the latest. And kung fu STILL GOES. We had our tournament yesterday and I'm STILL tired. Started at 8, finished at 11 PM. Two tournaments, actually. First was a normal tournament, where I competed and did lion dancing AND was in charge of some self-defense demonstrations. I stayed busy. Then after that, the full contact tournament. I didn't compete, but I was a judge. Ring-side seat. Very good. Some of the fights were great, particularly one with one of our students. He came to us to learn how to fight, and was in the super heavyweight division. The guy he fought was pretty scary looking, but he actually used what we trained him for. I've worked personally with him a lot, so I was particularly proud when he used his new skills to pound the tar out of the other guy. The crowd was going crazy. He ended up winning the first two rounds by decision, it was a great fight.

Random link time! I found a good one for you. I'm a big nerd, and a lot of people reading probably are too. So you should appreciate this.
That dungeons ESO Gold that considerations wasn't explained. additionally.
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And we're back
Apparently there are at least a few (very important) people who still check this silly blog. So it's back on!

I'll have to take another day to catch up on things a bit. My life is currently going through one of those life-changing all-at-once happenings. Multiple women issues to deal with, job stuff, kung fu continuing onward, side business stuffs. Mainly the first two things. Which is actually more than just two.

But yes. I'll post some more, not sure how often, but it will be regular as oat bran. And of course, plenty of random linking. Ah yes! I did get a Mac. Finally caved. It's quite nice (I'm on it now). And it's made me appreciate HD and the finer qualities of high quality imagery. This fits right into all of it.
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