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Ah, settling into the blog
So nice, so nice. I am DONE with the contract minimal requirements. Probably a few little piddly things left, but I've finished the bulk of it. The last part was a pain in the BUTT. Involved taking some code that was written somewhere else with a mix of HTML and JavaScript, identifying what the field names that the code submitted (as in form submission) were, then placing those names into a new database table and writing all the submitted values to the database. Doesn't sound TOO bad, until you know that the field names were all very cryptic (things like BC120000) and that there were around 100 of them. Which means a lot of manual labor. Bleah. YES, typing is a manual labor.

Anyway, now I am DONE with that. And I can sit and type my blog, feeling at ease with things. I sent another application earlier tonight, to a job opening I found on that was posted just today. A decent looking one, at Dollar Thrifty (I hear they have sweet benefits). We'll see how that goes. And I send another one tomorrow, to an opening my dad found for me.

In the meantime, I'm doing odd IT jobs for my parents' neighbor, which is actually paying very well. I've got another "session" tomorrow, which will pay a bill, which is GOOD. Yes, very good. And potentially another one after that, to help her fix her jacked up computer in Muskogee. I talked to her and she was very happy about her computer, and all the goodness I had bestowed upon it. Namely the removal of horrid, horrid spyware (by using Ad-aware, of course). Yes, lots of it. And then (by her choice) removing Kazaa (I'm NOT putting a link to that atrocity) to prevent fresh installs of spyware. I was going to defrag her drive, too, but I forgot to start it up before I left. Apparently just that took care of her issues. She said she could actually use her computer when she needed it and didn't have to worry about it locking up on her. That it was working better than it had since she bought it. She said every cent was well spent. Hear that, IT industry? Fools! You know not what you're missing out on! My mad skillz are sadly sitting unused.

Well, not completely unused. A friend of mine has given me a project proposal that I am quite interested in. Another CS major who is into gaming almost as much as me! Enough that he wants to get some development experience. So we're joining forces. We found a few ways to actually start a full game. We'll need some other people, but it's a start. We have an engine and a storyline lined up. It's all SECRET, so I can't tell you until the demo's released. But I think it'll be hella fun just working on it. I'm chomping at the bit. Eager in my anticipation of full-bore gaming development FUN. We'll see how that goes.

Ah, and my blogging has found a reward for me. I was offered a Gmail account. Which, after wondering what it was briefly, I accepted. So it's my new e-mail! Gmail is sweet. Why? Because Google is AWESOME. Yes, one of the coolest companies out there, I have to reveal to you. They are very cool. They actually run this here BlogSpot, too. Why is Gmail so cool? Pssh, you should just read about it yourself. But it's my new e-mail address. First name dot last name at gmail dot com. Not too hard to remember. Apparently it's in beta, so only privileged people get an account, at the moment. I think it's limited to a few thousand. And I'm one of them. Yaay!

Ah, and it's time to start researching my TV options. As in, TV signal options. I considered Voom, but I've heard a few things that aren't so good about it. And I really think I'd prefer having standard cable and a few nice HD channels instead of all HD without having good selection. So that means it's between DISH and DirectTV. I'll make the full decision when I have a JOB. But yeah, I'm getting HDTV, finally. I've had an HD-capable TV for a while now, but haven't ever actually piped full HD signals into it. So it should be interesting.

Speaking of TV, I watched the finale of the Swan tonight. It was actually pretty good! Although I feel silly getting so into it. I won't give the ending away, but I'll say that I think it turned out well. And the prizes offered for the winner were crazy. Yeah, a couple of vacations, a lot of free clothes, some jewelry, a contract with a modeling agency. Oh yeah, and throw in a NEW JAGUAR. Not enough? How about $50,000. Yeah, a decent prize setup. I think I probably muttered something like, "holy crap..." when I saw that. Two hour finale, with all the standard beauty competition stuff. Somehow this was a little different, though. They're planning the second one now. Want to join? Make sure you fit the requirements. You can submit a video if you want, though.

Ahhh... okay, I feel better now. Blogging has relieved me. Ooh! One other thing. I found the latest UFC online and watched it. UFC 47. It was SWEET. Some seriously crazy fights. And a very good main event, too - one that had been building up for a long time. I still wonder what it would actually be like to compete. I think the closest I'll get is to get a little additional training, just to be a little more well-rounded, fighting-wise. Which means some grappling skills. Should be fun, though.

Time for random link! I've left you all sorts of nice links already, but I'm going to give you even one more! Isn't that special? Since I was talking about game development... if you want to learn more, it's something you can research a bit.
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Okay, so I haven't kept up
Yes, I haven't been blogging. I've been bad. I've mainly been more mentally occupied by thoughts of employment and contracts. And BILLS. Bleah. Since I've been making myself have responsible priorities, worrying about doing fun stuff has been put aside. But now it's time to blog!

So I've been catching up a little bit (bit by bit) on E3. (For those who wonder what that is, it's the Electronics Entertainment Expo. Once a year.) I found some pretty sweet videos. Halo 2, of course, will own everyone who plays any type of multiplayer video game. I'm personally psyched about finding out the storyline, since Bungie's one of the few companies who actually cares enough to make a GOOD storyline next to all the first-person shooting. A taste of the upcoming Zelda game was shown, and it was enough to make pretty much every Zelda fan happy (unlike the revelation of the previous Zelda design). And I have to mention Half-Life 2. I actually own two copies already. One for me, one for a friend for his birthday. Sadly, his birthday was more than half a year ago. Around the time Half-Life 2 was SUPPOSED to be released. I might actually have some blogs complaining about what happened in that time. September, I think. But now it's going to be released this year. Hopefully, anyway. And it looks incredible. A new game engine. Excellent physics and AI. And the storyline - the only one I know of that can be as (or better) than Halo's potential storyline. It's going to be... luscious. I can't wait! Although, sadly, I'll need to purchase a new computer for this. Since it's pushing all current technology to the edge, to be able to run it properly. It's okay, it's about time to upgrade. I get a new computer about once every four years, and get a top-of-the-line (or close to) machine, to prevent upgrading yearly. It works pretty nicely. My current machine is about four years old, and it's still running pretty well (a P4 2.0 GHz, a gig of RAM, and a GF3.) Truthfully, I can't imagine how much better a cream-of-the-crop machine would be compared to my current one. Should be good!

I had a test in kung fu yesterday, on my last form. Gung Gee Fook Fu. A very good form, not easy to do. Takes a decent three minutes or more to do right. A lot of very low stances. Sifu has decided everyone is going to test at the same time, once every two months. So there were a TON of people there. Mostly families, for the four young students who were testing. And the testing commenced! Everyone had to do their form, and then break a board. Which is new. Sifu has decided that we should show board-breaking ability to demonstrate focus and power. So the kids went first, and they each broke a board (a moderately thin board, granted). The first kid (probably no more than 5, maybe 4), I have to admit, was pretty freakin' cute. And when he broke his board, he had a huge grin on his face. So all the kids tested, and did well. Then it was the adults' time. And the first two more junior students went, both testing in the same form, Sam Yin Kuen. In addition to form and board breaking, they also had to show three self-defense moves pulled from the form. They did well. Then the two advanced students tested. First was a woman doing a sparring set, with si-hing Justin. Justin made her work for it, and she did well. She did her self-defense moves, and then had to break TWO boards, held together, with a palm. She actually tried several times with the first set of boards, and couldn't quite do it. They finally swapped out her boards for two smaller (not thinner, but smaller in diameter) boards. She then broke the boards successfully. And finally, of course, the second advanced student. Me.

So I step up, and I'm more nervous than I'd like to be because of all the people there. And I start the form! I do it quite fiercely, and get through the first half of it. And then a BRAIN FART. Or something. I somehow lost track of which sequence went next. There's a lot, so I just didn't remember WHICH one came next. And I froze up. Ugh. I apologize to Sifu, and he has me start over and about a third into it. And I go through it, get to the hiccup spot, almost lose it again, but then manage to make it through, then finish the form. Then it's time for self-defense moves. And I'm flustered from my lack of perfection on the form... I think I put it into the rest of the testing. Poor si-hing. Every one of my self-defense moves send him reeling backwards nicely. Well, the second (against a kick) actually put him down to a hand and a knee. They turned out well. And the boards are next. Two boards to be broken by hand. AND two (larger) boards to be broken by foot. They have to be broken within five seconds of each other. I do kick, then punch. And fly through the lumber like a hot knife through warm butter. It was sweet. And I pass the test! Although I do need more practice. I KNOW the form, inside and out, and I guess I still choke under pressure. Which makes me mad. But that means there's room for improvement.

And I'm still finishing my contract work, which means I'm working now. Yes, RIGHT now. It's so sad. I need money to pay bills, though. I'm so CLOSE to finishing up paying all of this month off. Just a bit more. So since I need to do work, I'll have to leave you with the random link. I was watching Half-Life 2 footage, and it reminded me of an old sci-fi story. You really should check out the original release of the story, too. And in case you have trouble making the details out from that, this might help.
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10 days gone... and I return
Yes, I'm back. FINALLY have my broadband back. It was a pain to get working, but I have it. DSL, not too bad. Still catching up on lost time. You know, all the E3 news on IGN, other blogs/live journals, talking to people I haven't talked to in over a week. Or more.

I kind of lost touch with reality for a while there. No internet connection, no cable - it was like a sensory deprivation machine. Without a machine. But now I'm back. And I had forgotten I had subscribed to the crazy IGN Insider/Founder's Club thing. Which means I get a free copy of Splinter Cell on PC (so luscious), crazy downloads of huge video gaming files, and other stuff. Yay! Sadly, my DSL connection will limit me. I'll only be able to pull about a GB over the next two or so hours. But that is a lot of video, so I'll be entertained for a decent amount of time.

Sadly, that entertainment time will have to wait. I am paying BILLS. Lots of them. And since I don't have a new full-time job YET (still searching), all my money is saved purely for bills and occasionally food, and the time is spent mostly on FINDING money and food. And working, still on the contract job. It's income, but right now it'll be tight to pay next month's bills. Hopefully everything will turn out okay. I'm just worried that I won't have any spending money at all for my trip to Canada in a week and a half.

And yes, I'm living in a new place. I like it a LOT. (That's properly pronounced "Ah lahk et uh LAWT".) I still haven't finished unpacking, though. I have some kitchen liner for the shelves I want to buy. But since that doesn't fit into the bills/food category, it has to wait. When that's done, I'll buy the liner. When that's done, I'll unpack the kitchen. When that's done, I'll unpack everything else. Patience, patience. When that's done, I'll take pictures for you to see how niftily I can decorate. Whee!

I will give a few of the immediate benefits, though. One, it's much, much quieter. Some crazy neighbors, slamming doors, but I don't actually hear it. Just feel it through the floor. And at night it gets DARK with the lights out, which I like. Makes for good movie watching. And I get to sleep in a BED! Imagine that. It's so nice. I haven't slept so deeply in a very long time. Which means I'm sleeping 10 to 12 hours a night, quite often. And never up before 10. I'll enjoy that while I can, since I know it can't last. Oh, and of course, no worries on running out of hot water in the shower. THAT is very nice.

I'll have to get back to music and recording when I'm done settling in. My sister gave me a very nice graduation gift of the new Sevendust album. Acoustic! Quite nice. There are a few tracks I like especially, and I had to learn how to play one, I liked it so much. And since I liked it so much, I have to share it with you. It's a track originally from the Seasons album, called Broken Down. They did a separate recording of it on this acoustic album, as a bonus track (not on the included DVD). And it's luscious. Listen, and see how Sevendust may be loved by many. I will have to add it to my repertoire.

And I was working until right before blogging, so I have to get sleep to get up (not TOO early, of course) and continue working like a madman. To put in an additional 20-some hours by Friday evening. I can do it! Random link time. Since I haven't had a whole lot of time to acquire new random links, I shall leave you with one that I am now rather intimate with, after the struggle to reacquire my precious broadband. My precious...
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Okay, one more before shutdown
I'm doing the final load of the move. I am exhausted, so short blog today. I started the day with my parents, having them come by the apartment to check it out, then going with my mom back to the old one. We spent some quality time together - she couldn't help but help me get the kitchen packed up. It helped a lot. So after that, it was back home to do a dinner for Mother's Day, then to choir practice and church. Then to Friday's for Fr. Stuart's 30th birthday! A little fun. And from there back to the old apartment to do intensive packing until about an hour ago. And the first trip to unload. And pick up my phone.

Yes, I left my phone there, when I left in the morning. And came back about fifteen hours later to find 12 missed calls. Made me feel loved, but it kinda sucked to miss that many calls. Can't return any right now, either. So I'll have to deal with that tomorrow.

At any rate, another few hours of work, then cleaning, THEN I can check out of here. And go to the new place (full of boxes) and fall unconscious for many, many hours. After that, it's me taking my good old time unpacking, sorting, keeping everything orderly. And buying any new shelving I may need for my crazy organizational stuff. Maybe a file cabinet.

Okay, I want to sleep, but must continue working. I still need to set up the new broadband connection, so the blog will be on pause for a little while. Random link! This is basically what I'm using to figure out what to get for some of the new setup in my area (since Cox isn't available).
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Last blog for a while
Yes, it's been the final bits of my education. Insanity at its finest. Where did I leave off? Ah, yes Friday. Well, Thursday, really. Lots happened. I went over on Thursday to get the keys, sign the lease, write a couple more checks, that type of thing. And I did all that, and I asked the guy there (Joey) if he had any suggestions on how to move a large television up to a third floor. And he tells me, "Well, you can just use the guys I did." I said, "Oh really? I wish you'd have told me earlier." And he says it might not be too late, and he calls them up. Turns out these guys have an opening from a recent cancellation on Friday morning, 8 AM. So I call up U-Haul, cancel the truck (lost my deposit - apparently I'm out $5 now), and take the new movers. So you know, they're called Smooth Move. I wouldn't have found them, if it weren't for Joey. Thank you, Joey!

So anyway, I get the keys, check out the place. And I'm in love. Everything about it is what I had wanted. It seems surreal that this will actually be my residence. So I go through, check out the lights, the doors, etc. And I'm happy. Very happy. Then time to go back, start packing. CRAZY packing, since I have until 8 AM. So I start. And pack, and pack. And pack some more. Had to disconnect everything, had to keep track of what went where. And then I had a friend come by around midnight to help. Thank you very much, Andrea. I owe her big time for this one. She helped by packing stuff I had disconnected and sorted into boxes, and labeling them. Not to mention offering a bunch of boxes she had, and putting them together, using a lot of duct tape. So I went through my room and sort everything. Which takes more than you might know. If you've seen my room at ALL recently, you know. It was grueling. The total OPPOSITE of luscious. Whatever word might encompass that in a more fitting way.

It was also pretty destructive, psychologically. Just taking my room apart in pieces. Seeing everything I was used to living with changing substantially for the first time in more than two years. Knowing I was changing it to something different than ANYTHING I knew. I popped some music on the computer (randomized old stuff), and work continued through the morning, all the way up until 8 AM. It took a toll on me. But the morning came, and shortly before 8, I get a phone call. It's the movers, and they're on their way! Just a few last minute directions. So a couple wrong turns, and they pull up. THANKFULLY there were two open parking spaces right in front of my apartment. (Want to know that miracles exist? There you go. Two consecutive parking spaces in the most occupied corner of a TU apartment lot does NOT happen, trust me.) So they back up the truck (a honkin' huge one), and scope out the work. Two guys, one older, experienced, very tough, definite Okie. The other younger, not so much experience, potentially tough, definite Okie. I think they're awesome immediately.

Yeah, they had good attitudes, especially the older guy. They ask about what needs to be moved, and then get to work. So they pack up the truck. All the boxes that we packed, the sofas, the dining set, the bed, the table/computer desk I use, even the TV. All into the truck, no issue. (FYI, they used a dolly for the TV this time.) And I head to the new place, they head there as well, taking a little more time (which I'm fine with, no rush). And start unloading, up six flights of stairs (well, three flights, with a turn halfway up each). I help them out with what I can (mainly boxes, a couple of chairs), which isn't much since I'm still running on NO sleep. The scary ones were the hide-a-bed sofa and the TV. Both more than a little heavy. The sofa was okay, you could bang that against the railing, it'd be okay. Although they didn't. And the bigger guy kept giving the younger one a hard time. Joking with him about how he only had to use ONE arm for the hide-a-bed (and he did only use one arm). He tells me on the side that this guy was considered too weak for other moving companies (not that he's small - by no means is he, just young, more fit-looking than fat-looking), and he took him in to toughen him up. How it was his first big-screen. And also how they end up taking the moving deals with big-screens because other moving companies won't do it (which I knew from trying to find some earlier). Apparently the guys that do it aren't really THAT strong, just big. And they don't want to try handling something that big and cumbersome. Not these guys. He says he moves TVs like mine all the time. And when it comes time, they do it. I wish I'd taken pictures. Dolly it over to the stairwell, the lift it up. Move it up the stairs slowly, rotating it more vertical to handle corners. It was definitely showing wear on the men, not an easy job at all. It was honestly scary to watch, seeing the top edge tilt one way, then the other. But they did it. Incredible. I was impressed, and at that point, I decided the money was WORTH it.

So they finish unloading, me helping with what I can, and they're done. I had forgotten my checkbook, so Andrea ran back to grab it while I helped them, and while we wait, we chat a bit more. About guitars (he's a guitarist), martial arts (he used to be a fighter), and moving. How pretty much NO one helps them when they move, because they're the hired help, they're supposed to do ALL the work. And how a lot of the people they do work for are all very rich, very posh, need full houses moved, and need all the packing AND unpacking done. Done perfectly. So he told me he always appreciated when others actually helped. He was a very cool guy. And Andrea arrives, I write the check, they give me the spiel about how I say whether or not they did a good job, and so forth, and insurance details. They ARE insured, which was yet another bonus. Want some hard numbers on it? Here you go. About two and a half hours to do it. Total of $157. Worth every cent, I think. I highly recommend them. If you need movers to handle your heavy stuff, give them a call! Smooth Move, 366-7515, in Tulsa.

So all my heavy stuff is moved in! Still have a lot of unpacking to do, and moving other things from the closet and kitchen. And the computer. Which explains why I'm still blogging now. Haven't set up an account at the new place yet, but that'll happen soon. And the computer will probably move last. But it was so nice to actually have as much moved as they did. So I sat down, and proceeded to fall unconscious for about half an hour to an hour (honestly don't remember). Then time to get up, go take care of a few other details (bills, a few more items to take, deposit of money). And I'm stinky and smelly, since I had at that point been working NONSTOP for about 28 hours. And it's time to chill. So I take a shower (first one in the new shower - it's awesome, naturally - no worries about running out of hot water) and head out to eat with friends. Good times. Then come back, and do a load of laundry (for bedsheets), set up the couches and the TV and DVD player (to make sure everything works AND to keep it from being too quiet in the place), and go ahead and arrange a little bit of the closet space. So I'm up until about 4:30. Yes, with graduation meaning I need to be up around 9:15 at the latest to start the day. So since about 11 AM on Thursday, I've had approximately five hours of sleep. I'm kind of tired. (Oh, and I love having a washer and dryer.)

Yes! So that brings us to today. Graduation day! The family comes over, we go to the Baccalaureate ceremony, then time to go eat some free (and very good) food, then time for graduation and commencement. The whole thing was pretty cool stuff. I got to wear a pretty slick hood (looks like some sort of semi-cape thing, very colorful, very slick) as a Master's graduate, I felt special. And everything goes pretty smoothly, it's all cool. I even got a neat graduate pin afterwards, only for graduate students.

And that's been about all of it. Very dense few days, packed full of stuff. Packed full of packing and unpacking, too. But hey - I now have a Master's degree! Yay! Actually, that deserves a YAAAAY! Still working with the contract job, so the income is there. Need to put more time into it. AFTER recovering from my crazy last week. Still have a bit of moving to do, but the hardest parts are over. I don't have a broadband connection set up yet in the new place, so the blog will be on hold for a little while. But I will be back.

Before I go, though - your random link. Extra kung fu is always good.
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School is OVER. Now it's time to work on LIFE. So I started today, organizing for the move. I set up online for a U-Haul. Apparently, for the amount of time I want, it's not too bad. About $10/hr, and since I only need it for about four hours, it's doable. With a huge truck. Which means one trip. Yay! Yep, yep. I'm getting the truck, a dolly, and several pads for furniture. And I talked to the apartments today. My application was accepted! Woo! Just need to put down a month, rent out the gate remote, and I'm good. Even get to move in a day earlier than expected! So I start tomorrow night. Move some smaller stuff. The big stuff all happens Friday. Couches, the TV, the kitchen set, the bed. So forth. And then just move the rest bit by bit (if there's anything left) Sunday. Since Saturday's kind of occupied. This thing called graduation is somehow taking up time.

So I took care of that, did some bank stuff, and then it was time to clean. I've pretty much finished the living room. Organized all the crazy magazines, all the loose mail, so forth. Got quite a bit done. It's tomorrow I'm worried about. Mainly the bedroom. Finish the other magazines, other loose mail, and a lot of clothes. And move some stuff, at night. I need to decide what to take, that would be easier taken in small bits, instead of taking up valueable big truck time. I'm thinking clothes and musical instruments. We'll see. It's still weird moving. Away from campus. I'll have to re-learn all new shortcuts. And local shopping areas, for groceries and so forth.

I did get some help from a friend today with organization. I had a bunch of loose video tapes that weren't labeled, and she helped me go through them and figure out what was on them. It was grueling work, but I had to get to it sometime, and it took more time than I really wanted to spend, since I had to sort through all my mail and such. So THANK YOU Court, again, for that.

Ooh, and I'm excited to actually get my own place! The move will be pain and suffering, but once I'm in, it'll be so nice. It'll be luscious. It may get a little lonely living alone, so I'll have to make sure to have friends over. Probably more than I used to, since I never had any TIME during this last semester. I somehow had other things take up my time. How odd.

And I think I shall sleep for a few hours. I have to pick up the cap and gown tomorrow, go to a free lunch (I'm not complaining), and then get to the continuation of packing. Friday's the big move day. If anyone wants to help, that'd be the day. So random link! This is the new step in e-mail. And I've got an account. Yay!
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Progress during the week
Ugh - I was up until 8 AM working on the project. I finished it, e-mailed it in, and then crashed for three hours. And got up to turn in the hard copy and have lunch. Then it was on to work with the contract job, finishing up stuff with that. And sending the resume out again (always) good.

I also talked to some more movers. Apparently I'm moving the TV myself. Which might be interesting. It's a mission! Yeah, I talked to a piano mover. He didn't know if they'd even be able to do it. But since the TV is about the same size as a stand-up piano, I thought they'd know. And apparently they charge per flight of stairs. $70 per flight of stairs. Not cheap, by any means. But I got the idea on how to do it from him. It's all about physics. We need to make the stairs smooth, basically. Which will involve getting some sort of slide, or else attaching a flat surface to the bottom of the set. And then pulling/pushing up the stairs. Other details, of course, but that's the basics of it. Hopefully it'll work out.

So all that. And then it was naptime! I got a couple more hours of sleep. Weird dreams. I seem to have weird dreams when I take naps. Sometimes they're GOOD weird dreams. I didn't really remember a whole lot this time, though. Sleep is good, however I get it, though. I needed it, since I was going to go to kung fu! I've been feeling pretty out of it, almost sick, and for some reason kung fu always seems to help that. I got to work on my form a lot more, iron out a few of the specifics in it. It was good. And the trip to Canada is coming up! That's going to be sweet. Just me and Si-hing, driving up in our convertible, smiling at the ladies.

And then the start of packing! Beginning with trash. Took quite a bit out. And started the packing of the aluminum. I should take a picture when I get it all finished. There's LOTS. And probably sort all the magazines, as well. I think I'll get a nice magazine rack of some kind. Maybe like a library. Maybe just a library of magazines, sorted by type and then by date. We'll see.

Bleah, I still don't know about the apartment application. Apparently somebody managed to run into a telephone pole, and take out their phone system. Which meant no fax. Which meant they only sent it today. I'll have to wait until TOMORROW. If the app doesn't go through, I'm screwed. So you can think good thoughts for me! Please?

So the next few days are all cleaning, packing, cleaning, shipping, and cleaning some more. So much FUN. I think I might need to buy a good vacuum cleaner. All this worrying makes me not realize I've finished school. Completely. I think it'll hit me sometime over the next week.

Okay. Need to sleep, not worry about application stuff. So I'll give you a random link. This one's short. And quick. And very, very random. You'll need sound.
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My butt is kicked
In an academic way, to clarify. I've been working on my project all night. And it's ALMOST done. Just these dang last few bits of code to debug, and it's done. Well, and a report. Which I might just go ahead and write. Yes, it's taken me all day. Which made a few other things stay on hold longer than I would have liked. Including my trash day. Which I wanted to do quite a bit. But it's got to wait, apparently.

I have anticipations about a variety of things, suddenly, for no really good reason. One of these things being my application to the apartment being accepted. I do have the credit issues (mentioned previously in blogs) I worry about, and I don't know how big of an issue that will be. I've had pretty much flawless credit in the past three years, but who knows how that will come into play. I just hope it all turns out okay.

That, and if I DO get the apartment, then it's the issue of moving the television up a few flights of stairs. I contacted several moving companies. Their answer? Basically, they're more than happy to move it. Oh yes, move it all around. Just not UP. Seems like I might have to handle the stair issue on my own. Hopefully with a few friends to help. I'm strong, but not quite THAT strong. Yet. I have one last possibility, and that's to contact a piano moving company. I'm worried mainly about price issues, when considering that as an option.

I did get another job application out, though, which is good. Hopefully I'll get a few more sent out this week. The goal is at least one a day. If anybody knows of any place in town that might be good for that, let me know.

Ugh, and my brain feels spent. Silly IDS. Programming an IDS is not that easy, apparently. At least I already had the checksum calculated. I think I'm going to write the paper, then maybe look at the code, then PERHAPS take a short nap before moving along through my week. Craziness.

Random link time. Was sent this by a friend - looks quite interesting. Make sure you look in the screenshots and videos section.
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The weekend fades
It's technically Monday. The beginning of a very, very busy week. A LOT is happening for me this week. I'm talking life-changing stuff. Well, for one, it's finishing school. I'm in the middle of the last project, it's due on Tuesday. So I'll be cranking through it all tomorrow, maybe up late tomorrow night. Once that's finished, I'm DONE. And I get to ring the bell (again). Woo! Which leads to Saturday. A full day, with all sorts of official ceremony things. Including graduating. Yes, graduation, "walking". Which should be very satisfying.

In addition to that, I am moving. Yes, moving away from this university for the first time in eight years. This is about a third of my WHOLE LIFE. When I think of it like that, it makes me realize how different things are about to become. It's scary and exciting all at the same time. I'm really, really looking forward to my new place, though. For a variety of reasons. The main thing I'm NOT looking forward to is moving. Mainly moving two specific items. One of which is a sofa. With a bed inside of it. Yes, rather heavy. The other being a more fragile item - a certain television that's going to have to be moved. To a third floor apartment. I'm still not exactly sure how I'll be putting that up there. But for the rest of it, I'll be boxing it all up this week, and moving Friday. If you can help, that'd be awesome. I'm thinking I'll have a moving party (for the people who helped me move) after getting settled. So there's your incentive. If you think my parties SUCK, then stay away.

Anyway, my new place will be pimping, assuming I can keep it (which requires being employed within a month or so). I'm thinking I'll use the second room as an office/guest room, put the computer and guitars in there. Leave the bedroom as a restful area, it will be good. And I'll try to make the step up from "college guy" and actually keep things nice and clean, with decoration, even. Which requires some swiffer sticks, a nice vacuum cleaner, so forth. Having my own laundry room will be super cool, though. I'll probably have a super laundry day. Go through ALL my clothes, hang them up, all that.

Anyway, moving day is still a ways away. So it's cleaning, packing, applying to more jobs, finishing school work, and doing a little more part time work, if I can find the part time to do it in. And today it was mostly doing work on my project. A chunk of time cut out to go to the last mass for the school year. It was sort of sad, but kind of cool. I read (for the first time EVER) a reading, and the music was good enough that I got a couple of complements afterwards. That, and all the graduating students got a nice gift from Newman, which was cool. I still need to find a protoge to take my guitar reigns. Since I haven't found one yet, I'll still be playing in the choir for another year or so. I'll find a qualified guitarist yet!

Speaking of guitar, I was listening to old music today whilst doing my work on the project. And I heard a song that I forgot about. Fleetwood Mac - Big Love. The guitar work on the live version is absolutely incredible. I need to learn how to play it. And I must share it, because I love it so.

Okay. I should get some rest. BIG day tomorrow. And the day after. And so forth. But hey, I still have time for a random link. An older link, one that I found a lot of information to help me get the most out of my home theater experience.
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Sun's rising, must be time to update
Yeah, I missed a day. Goodness! A day! Been kinda busy, though. In a good way. What is today? Saturday? Yeah. I started my project Thursday, finally. I don't think it'll be too bad. Need to work on it more over the weekend. That, and did some choir practice, which was cool. This Sunday's the big senior mass, the last official service before summer. It's kind of sad. A lot of people are graduating, big people at Newman. It should be interesting.

Ah, but today's been a very productive day! I went to Career Services on campus, to get tips for the resume. Apparently, mine was pretty close to ideal already. I guess the woman who checked it out seemed to be impressed by it. So now it's just a matter of getting the resume out to a bunch of places. I have a list constructed that's decently large, so hopefully it'll happen soon.

And the big news. I have a new place! I'll be moving in a week. But I got a nice two-bedroom way out south, around 96th or so. It's right off the freeway, so it's not too bad. Very cool apartments, though. All the amenities. Washer, dryer, fridge, fireplace, security up the wazoo, gated community, all that. I'm happy with it. The worst part is that it's on the third floor. So moving a couple of my items (if you know me, you know what I'm referring to) will be a PAIN. But once it's done, it'll be good. And yeah, I'll be by myself, a two bedroom. That gets differing reactions. I'll probably keep the second room as my computer/guitar room, set up for recording, that type of thing. Maybe even get a small bed or something similar in there, to serve as a guest room. Might come in handy. Although there's only one bathroom. Ooh! I'm excited. My OWN place, for the first time in a while (well, first time ever, really, since I don't count dorm rooms too much). It'll be very nice. Have a long day, can just come home and CHILL, without having to deal with any unwanted interruption. I like it like that. I'll have to start packing next week, though - probably the big thing I'll be doing (in addition to job hunting), after getting the school project finished.

Ah, the weekend. Not too much this weekend, I'll probably start coding more on the project, sleep in a lot, stay up too late, the standard stuff. Yay! Started today by hanging out with a friend, watching a movie (more Jet Li - Kiss of the Dragon), although I was kind of falling asleep through it. Then just staying up and talking about absolutely nothing until later than expected. I should probably get on that project before making any habit of being unproductive on a regular basis, though. Since I'll need that to actually graduate. Graduation! Yay! One week... I really can't believe that. My second degree. The end of my tenure at TU. It's been a good decade.

Okay, time for sleep. Random link? Okay. This is something I'm actually a member of. Yes, I'm a professional nerd.
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